Pomegranate Strawberry

Pomegranate & Strawberry Flavored Sugar-Free Hard Candy
The fabulous fusion of Pomegranate & Strawberry aroma in a compressed candy… indispensable taste for both minors, as well as for grown-ups.


Helikon Gıda has stepped into the food industry in 2004 by focusing particularly on compressed candy and strip candy. Having no compromise on the principle of high quality and hygiene, we are exporting our brands to numerous markets around the world.

Our mission is to become a customer-oriented, environmentally conscious and a trusted brand which is recognized for its pursuit of utmost quality by carefully following scientific and technological innovations with its experienced staff in order to achieve perfection. Helikon Gıda has fully committed itself not only to customer satisfaction, but also to the satisfaction of its employees by offering them annual trainings from numerous certified companies such as Intertek and SAI-Global while also training our staff ourselves according to our company principles.  Proficiency basics, rightful payments, and social opportunities are also of great importance to our company in order to improve all aspects of labor standards.

Helikon Gıda has established the necessary infrastructure and hygiene facilities in order to produce the most reliable and healthy products.Consumer health and satisfaction is our priority at Helikon Gıda. Therefore we have obtained all food safety certificates worthy of note. Thus, our company has the BRC and AIB awarded certifications with outstanding scores. Due to this commitment, from product design to manufacturing to sales, all aspects and processes in Helikon Gıda are aimed towards one goal... the continuous improvement of our service and innovation in our line of products.

For a greener world ,we show committment to protect our nature by targetting to use all the resources that mother nature has granted us as efficiently as possible and in an environmentally sensitive manner .

As the result of dynamic and diligent management in harmonious working conditions, Helikon Gıda proceeds exactly towards its goal of achieving perfection. Without compromising on quality, Helikon Gıda shows promise to strive in the global market by delivering superior products of unique taste to the world.